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Special Wheels for a Wide Range of Application We manufacture rims and complete wheels equipped with agricultural, forestry, garden and special tyres of the best brands.

Dual Wheels

Dual wheels with quick coupling kit (HD Plus System)

For high power tractors, sprayers and harvesting machines

Patented system, proven and safe

Universal application on any tractor or agricultural machineries

Patented system of clamp – spacer coupling


  • Maximum traction power
  • Less soil compaction
  • Special multicalibrated spacers for highest accuracy of power
  • Available with gooseneck spacers for plants protection
  • Highest application safety
  • Strenght and long lasting


HD-Plus dual wheels can be easily mounted in any position without searching for the right coupling point. Very quick single-handed assembly and disassembly. These wheels are the only ones equipped of docking on the spacer ring. They automatically tighten themself during work operations and they don’t even loosen on reverse gear. The spacers, welded on external dual wheels, are multicalibrated and have reinforcements specifically designed for application on high power machines. The use of special front spindle screws, inserted inside the cap nuts, together with the highest quality components, complete this system, installed in the most powerful agricultural vehicles.

dettagli ruote

The huge increase in efficiency comes from the front spindle, which is kept in place in the cap nut, also laterally (see arrows in picture).

HD Plus clamps are designed to equip high power machines.

HD-Plus clamps (A) are hooked, as seen in the picture, directly to the spacer. In this way, the length (B) is reduced and the twist (D) is minimal, making this system even safer and stronger.

When installing the dual wheel on the internal one, spacer’s edge (A) is automatically centred on internal wheel’s rim. Thanks to this, there are no slacks and centrifugal force will be equally distributed on both dual wheels. The special end stopper (B) perfectly align internal and dual wheels.

At the same time, the special end stopper strengthens the spacer exactly where it needs more strength. The special multicalibrated spacers allow to work with less clamps even on high power machines. The spacer is robotic welded on dual wheel’s rim.

The same socket wrench, needed to close the clamps, can be used to easily loosen firmly tightened dual wheels too.

Le ruote gemellate HD permettono di sfruttare appieno la potenza del vostro trattore!