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Special Wheels for a Wide Range of Application We manufacture rims and complete wheels equipped with agricultural, forestry, garden and special tyres of the best brands.

Dual Wheels

Dual wheels with central quick coupling (AW Quick)

Possibility to pair narrow and wide wheels

Si adattano, praticamente in ogni posizione, a quelle del trattore

Possibility to quick assembly your dual wheels with just one central clamp!

Possibilità di montare le ruote che volete! Per es.: potete utilizzare come ruote gemelle quelle di un altro vostro trattore

They offer all advantages of dual wheels but with a lower price

AW dual wheels make your tractor versatile.


AW-Quick System for small and medium tractors (up to 100 HP)

AW-Quick System for medium tractors (up to 200 HP)

AW-Quick is a dual wheels system with very quick central connection system. It involves the use of a hub support. The spacer ring is fixed by interlocking (without welding) to the external dual wheel. The AW-Quick connection is hooked by hand and the tighten with the AW-Quick wrench.

AW-Quick is a dual wheels system with a strong/sturdy very quick central connection system. It involves the use of bridge-shaped hub supports made with reinforced steel and reinforcement discs for the external wheel’s hub in addition to the use of ADTS special spacers equipped with anti-rotation brackets, end stoppers and centering edges.

AW-Quick dual wheels can be equipped with spacers in many different sizes and shapes to meet the most specific requirements.

AW-Quick dual wheels with quick central connection system can be installed in seconds. Clamp’s tightening is carried out using a special wrench.